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What's Ed's Red?

Ed’s Red is the creation of Adastra co-owner Edwin Richards. For years Edwin had suffered the frustrating scenario familiar to many wine lovers. You buy a relatively inexpensive bottle of wine. You are just looking for a pleasant drink. Often instead, you get the dire or the mediocre.

Edwin’s solution to this problem is Ed’s Red, a negociant wine designed to appeal to those who expect a decent drink when they shell out decent money for a bottle of wine.

The phrase “A hefty wine, best paired with mammoth (or vegetarian equivalent)” adorned the back of the first (2004) Ed’s Red bottle, along with a small animal icon. With the 2005 A.D. release, a line drawing of an imperial mammoth moved to front and center on the label.

Current Release: 2019 A.D. Ed's Red

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Edwin and a mammoth pal in Barcelona.